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GRASS is New Zealand’s only 100% dedicated Golf Course Construction Company. From initial concept development to the reality of delivering top quality golf courses, our experience in all facets of golf course construction ensures that we consistently exceed the expectations of our clients.

GRASS has an excellent reputation of successful project management and relationship building, consistently forming constructive working partnerships with clients and client representatives.

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We believe successful golf course construction is a team effort in which all parties, the club/owner, the designers, the technical experts and the contractors must be aligned towards a clear vision of the final desired outcome. To build great golf courses it takes a passion and a flair for golf course design, with technical excellence in construction. GRASS has demonstrated over many years to be “the best in our field” with a dedicated, proven, stable, work force of highly skilled operators and technicians constructing golf courses that owners and members alike are proud to share with their guests for years to come.

GRASS possesses New Zealand’s largest and most modern fleet of light and heavy golf construction equipment. We associate only with suppliers of quality golf course infrastructure, in the expectation that what we put in the ground today will remain there in a functional role for a significant time period.

GRASS understands the world of contracting having worked under both NZS 3910 and NZS 3915 on recent contracts and are familiar with overseas contract conditions from previous experience. We have the proven track record to raise significant Contract Bonds where required and undertake all required contract insurance requirements.

GRASS is 100% dedicated to the professional construction of great golf courses for our customers’ enjoyment today and for many generations to come.

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PACE Report

If your construction contractor has the type of experience you should demand they will be able to provide you with a Performance Evaluation of Capital Contractors Report, known as a PACE Report, from their last work. This is a comprehensive, independently done report that includes feedback on all aspects of the works, including stakeholders, that is only completed once all work is completed. You can download our latest PACE Report here