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[service icon=”fa fa-flag-o” title=”Building” position=”right” fx_effect=”fade-from-left”]Whether you are undertaking building a brand new golf course or replacing one hole, GRASS, as New Zealand’s only 100% dedicated golf course construction specialists, has the experience to deliver the results you deserve.[/service]
[service icon=”fa fa-flag” title=”Renovation” position=”right” fx_effect=”fade-from-left”]Over time every golf course undertakes renovation, it could be a one off change to a bunker or a green, or a more systematic renovation of the course a few holes at a time. Whatever the project, GRASS will not take short cuts and you will be happy with the results for many years to come.[/service]
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[service icon=”fa fa-tint” title=”Irrigation” position=”left” fx_effect=”fade-from-right”]We work with the finest suppliers of irrigation products and can provide a complete design service, or if you have your own designer we can professionally install the irrigation according to their plan.[/service]
[service icon=”fa fa-forward” title=”Consulting” position=”left” fx_effect=”fade-from-right”]In collaboration with golf course architects, clients and associates, GRASS can provide you with expert guidance as you consider the options available for your golf course.[/service]
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